Walking Down Memory Lane

I am originally from a small town on the shores of Lake Michigan.  When I first met Roger and learned that he grew up in a Mennonite home, I had a lot of questions.  Did you get around in a car or did you take a horse and buggy?  Did you have electricity in your home?  Were you allowed to watch TV?  Roger explained that he grew up in a Modern Mennonite home and it didn’t sound like it was that different from how I was brought up.
But, when Roger began showing me around this area, when we first started dating, he took me to the St. Jacobs market.  We didn’t just go to the market, but we went to the stock yards.  In fact, that was my first and only time I have ever been there.  I watched with intrigue in my eyes as Mennonite farmers did business, in a sort of an auction, buying and selling livestock.  I saw many cute little Mennonite kids wearing their work clothes as they also observed their fathers at work.  While sitting in the stands, as I observed the others there, I realized I wasn’t probably dressed for the occasion.  I also realized that some of the kids were noticing that I was a big out of place there and wasn’t there to buy a bull.  I stuck out like a sore thumb in my flip flops, nail polish, and lipstick.  I still laugh today when I look back over those early days of my first observations of Waterloo region.
One of these days, I am going to book a walking tour of St. Jacobs.  I’ve heard it’s a great experience, and they offer it year round.  If you are looking for something special to do with your family this year, here’s an idea.  And there’s lots of great shopping and restaurants nearby as well.
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