At Home Valentine Celebration

We’ve come up with some at-home ideas for you and your Valentine. 


Breakfast in Bed or invite your partner to the kitchen to experience a special breakfast meal at your home café


Flowers are always a good idea



Thoughtful doesn’t have to be expensive

Post it notes throughout the house telling why you love your partner 

Write on each card in a deck of cards telling all the ways that you love your partner or a special memory and leave them around the house for a treasure hunt

Write a love letter


Find a basket or gift box and fill it with your partner’s favourite things – treats, lotion, favourite tea, snacks, plush socks – don’t to include thoughtful notes or love ‘coupons’


Who doesn’t love homemade cookies or a cake? Baking for your loved one is a special gift.


Go for a walk on one our Region’s beautiful trails and bring a thermos or hot chocolate & treats for along the way.


Recreate your first date – watch the same movie, serve the same meal


‘Travel’ to your favourite place – dress up the room in themed décor, play local music, serve a meal that feels like you’re there!


Arrange for a lovely takeout meal, dress up as if you’re going to a fancy restaurant, set the table in the good dishes & candles.


Your firepit isn’t just for warm weather! Bundle up, make your favourite drink and snuggle up under a blanket near your firepit/table for a Valentine’s to remember!



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