A Team Update from the Team Leader

The last couple of years have probably brought on more challenges than ever for people around the world, and many folks that we know personally have encountered some life challenges which have resulted in some very difficult decisions.  Yet, in the midst of all of this, we have become very aware of our blessings.  Even though there have been many unanswered questions, many plans that had to change, many things left up in the air, we know that nothing can take the things away from us that we hold dear.
In Spring of last year, we decided to take the plunge and double our space over at 300 Gage Avenue, so we have now have even more room for Roger’s renovations business, more space for offices (which we haven’t had time yet to finish), and even more space to store our growing staging inventory.
We now have 5 of us working in the office, and Roger has a total of 5 full-time and 2 part-time guys working for him.  They have completed 10 kitchens for real estate clients this year and have more kitchens planned.  They also do flooring, bathroom vanities, trimwork and help coordinate lots of other projects with other trades.  It’s very exciting to see this type of growth in the renovations division of our business.
Carrie has staged 21 of the 23 listings we had in 2021, which made a huge impact on how much over the list price our listings sold for.  She also contributed to help launch our new website and grow our following on social media.  Hats off to Carrie!

Connie has helped us launch a medical benefits plan for our staff and to set us up with a payroll service.  She has an awful lot to keep track of with making sure our bills get paid, and our employees, and our taxes…and to keep everything straight between real estate, renovations and mortgages, so that we can focus on taking care of clients.

Monique has joined us very recently.  She has a great skillset which includes strong organizational and administrative skills.  Monique has already helped us immensely in her short time with us.
Please do not hesitate to reach out if there’s anything we can do to help you, your friends and family or your co-workers.  We always appreciate your loyalty and your referrals.
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